Dental Assisting Program At Your Fingertips!

We offer you a way to earn on average $10,000 on each dental assisting course you teach. We will provide you with the curriculum (and all of the resources you will need) to run your own program from start to end.

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Why Choose American Academy of Dental Assisting?


We provide you a clinically focused 12-week program in which students will learn procedural skills, dental office management, oral anatomy, morphology, infection control, radiology health and safety, and patient education.


We provded all powerpoints, instructional videos, automatic grading system, registration packets, training manuals, marketing material, user support, and more for yearly membership of $1,200 a year!

Potential Earnings

Each course is taught for 12-weeks, 2 nights a week from 6pm-9pm. If you held 4 courses a year (minimum of 5 students in each of them) you can make on average an additioanl $40,000 a year.

Have Questions?

American Academy of Dental Assisting provides you with the curriculum, registration packets, posts for social media, email templates, and many other resources you will need to run your own dental assisting program. Contact us to learn more!

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